Hello people of internet!

Here’s the deal. We’re a group of seven people from Warsaw, Poland and for the last year we’ve been writing about anything that excites us, may it be travelling, culinary or cultural experiences, extreme sports or just new places to visit in our city. We blog about parachutes, wakeboard, free fall jumping from a 222 meters high tower as well as culinary workshops, learning how to flight a drone or sleeping in a tent in northernmost camping in the world. We’re seven very different people so we create content for many different kinds of people.

What’s new? After exactly a year of blogging we decided that english-speaking people might find something useful in what we do. Maybe you’re an Erasmus student or a tourist in Warsaw and want to do something more than just sightseeing. Maybe you like to travel and are interested in how to organise a trip to Mongolia or a last minute visa to get from Thailand to Laos. For this reason, from now on part of our content will be available in english as well as polish. We’ll be translating it ourselves and english is not our first language, so there might be some mistakes and bumps along the way, but we’re sure we’ll get a hang of it eventually. Hopefully you’ll stick around to read it 😉


The Adventure seekers

I have to admit that the hardest thing about this whole “converting our blog to english” thing was figuring out the name. The name of our blog in Polish is very fitting to what we do and what we write about but it’s also almost impossible to pronounce for anyone who’s not fluent in polish. We spent many evenings arguing about the best name, searching the internet for inspiration. Finally we came up with “The Adventure Seekers” as it was the broadest that seems able to cointain all of our weird ideas 😉